Birthdays are days to rejoice and remember – with friends or family and the loved ones. The celebration provides an opportunity to remember good old memories, and reminds of passage of one more year. The day begins with good wishes from friends, colleagues, near and dear ones. The forms of wishes have changed from cards to e-cards, and even to short messages via the social media apps such as WhatsApp. However, the tradition of celebration of birthday parties remains – from cutting cakes and lighting candles, to decorating the place with balloons and colourful trinkets to make the party amazing, fun filled and great looking. Birthdays are also the days to get gifts, which could vary based on the age of the individual.

There are a few great suggestions if you want to choose an arrangement of flowers as a birthday gift. These suggestions from the online florist in kl are available and can be delivered within Malaysia. The flower delivery in kl is free within Klang Valley.The birthday suggestions are available in dainty flower baskets, smart flower boxes and elegant flower bouquets:

Flower Baskets: Various flower baskets are available – from the bright freshness of yellow Sunflower with a smattering of white Baby Breath flowers to an assortment of Sunflower and filler with Red Wine bottle; a Korean style Flower basket with Blue Hydrangea and filler to a mini flower basket of Hydrangea and filler. The cute little suggestions are pleasing to the eye, value for the money and definitely very pretty as gifts on a birthday.

Flower Boxes: The flower boxes are available in different trendy suggestions. A black flower box with red roses 6 stalks with Eucalyptus leaf is eye catching. A White flower box with rainbow colour Baby Breath, Matriciaria Chamomilla looks quite different as a birthday present, but is very sweat and pleasing for the eye and can be a great suggestion for a loved soul. On the other hand, a White medium hat Flower box with white Eustomas, Purple Orchids and fillers is definitely a lovely suggestion. A Dark Big Hat Flower Box of 4 Red Gerberas, 8 Red Roses and fillers offers an enchanting view, and this is available in other sizes and number of flowers of each type.  An Oval shape Flower Box of Lily, Hydrangea and fillers is an ideal expression of your love and affection on a Birthday. A box with Dried Flower, Husky Plush Toy, Native Plant and filler could be a perfect and cute gift; so would be a Flower box with a dome cover, mini rainbow Baby Breath basket and 1 miniature.

The flower boxes could be of different shapes with different assortments of flowers such as

  • a Unicorn Mug arranged with Preserve Rose, Cotton Flower, Preserve Hydrangea and filler;
  • a Medium Flower box containing 3 Preserve roses and filler;
  • a shapely flower box with Husky Plush toy, Preserve Rose, dried flowers with filler;
  • a cute little flower box with Minnie Tsum Tsum plush toy and 7 stalks Roses soap flowers;
  • a kraft paper box containing fresh Roses, Carnation, Gerbera, fillers and one customized wording bobo balloon;
  • a Cylindrical Flower Box containing 3 Coral Pink Roses and White Eustomas;
  • a Black medium hat Flower box containing Hydrangea, Eustoma, Gerbera Gemini and fillers;
  • a tiffany blue rectangular gift box containing 30 stalks gradient colour soap flower Roses and fillers;
  • a kraft paper box printed Unicorn containing fresh White Peacock, Wax Flower and fillers;
  • a kraft paper box printed Winnie The Pooh containing fresh Baby Breath, Mini Bobo Balloon and 9 Ferrero Rocher;
  • a box with Gerbera 3 stalks, Carnation, Baby Breath, Eucalyptus leaf;
  • Cute cylindrical box containing Mini Bobo balloon with either Preserve Rose or Baby Breath

Flower Bouquets: Flower bouquets of various flowers are available as Birthday suggestions here. Rose bouquets are available in different sizes ranging from 6 roses to 99 roses, and they can be a perfect birthday gift for your loved one. Gerbera bouquets are available in different sizes of 3, 5 or Gemini size, and look mesmerizing. Other than this, Baby’s Breath bouquets are very pleasing to the eyes. Bouquets are available for Hydrangea in various sizes in blue and pink colours,  Eustoma, Sunflower, Strawberry, Tulip and Lily flowers. There could be add-ons such as  Ping Pong, or Kit Kat.

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