Flowers have been long associated with weddings and so are bridal bouquets that are inevitable gifts for the brides. The concept of bridal bouquets is not recent, but has evolved from the Roman times, wherein Roman brides carried bouquets, which did not have flowers, but were made of herbs, grains and spices, the strong smell of which could banish evil spirits. The floral bouquets appeared during the Victorian era and they usually used rose as flower in the bouquets, and sometimes dill, which was thought to be an aphrodisiac. Bridal bouquets have evolved and nowadays, a vast assortment of flowers of different colours and shapes are used in these bouquets. Your florist in kl has some interesting suggestions for you to offer as bridal bouquets:

  • Bridal Hand Bouquet (12 Roses): This bouquet of 12 stalk roses are available in two colours – red and pink. The bouquet can be easily held by the bride in her hand.
  • Bridal Hand Bouquet (12 Roses): The bouquet has an elegant mix of 12 stalk roses with Baby Breath flowers. These flowers form a beautiful and fresh bouquet with aroma that the bride would love to have.
  • Bridal Hand Bouquet (3 sunflowers): Could you ever think of sunflowers as a gift for the new bride? This is a great bouquet made up of 3 stalk fresh sunflowers, which can be easily carried by the bride.
  • Bridal Hand Bouquet (Lilac Hydrangea): This beautiful bridal bouquet of Hydrangea along with Statice surrounding the Hydrangea looks different and elegant and is a great hand bouquet for the new bride.
  • Bridal Hand Bouquet (sunflower and eustoma): This lovely gift of 3 stalk sunflowers mixed with the charm of Eustoma flowers would appeal to the bride, and would look dainty when held by her in her hand.
  • Bridal Hand Bouquet / Lavender Blush: This is an elegant hand bouquet featuring lovely White Hydrangea, Eustoma and Eucalyptus leaves. This attractive gift would be loved by the bride.
  • Bridal Hand Bouquet / Taffy Pink : This hand bouquet is grand with a lively mix of a slew of exotic flowers – Ping Pong Flowers, Alstroemeria, Eustoma, Matricaria and Silver Dollar.
  • Bridal Hand Bouquet (18 roses): This grand hand bouquet is offered in mesmerizing colours of red and champagne. The bouquet consists of 18 roses, the red roses signify love and affection, while the champagne version shows the delight and friendship on this occasion of wedding.
  • Bridal Hand Bouquet (5 Sunflowers) : This hand-tied bouquet made of 5 Stalk Sunflowers is a perfect gift for the bride, and showcases the difference on a special day of wedding.
  • Bridal Hand Bouquet (7 Roses): The beautiful bridal hand bouquet composed of 7 stalk classic Red Roses is decorated with white organza ribbon. The hand bouquet is worn on the hand and displays an elegant expression of love, beauty and passion.
  • Bridal Hand Bouquet (dried misty white): The Bridal Hand Bouquet is different from the usual bridal bouquets. However, this depicts that your blessings and love are distinct. The gift of dried misty white is something to remember and cherish.
  • Bridal Hand Bouquet ( Forgetmenot): As the name of the flower signifies, the beauty of the sweet purplish blue ForgetMeNot flowers with fillers evokes a sense of longingness and would definitely be remembered by the bride.
  • Bridal Hand Bouquet (Misty Yellow): A ravishing combination of Misty Yellow with fillers, this Bridal Hand Bouquet in a bride’s hand would enhance not only her beauty, but also beget happiness, new beginnings, new friendships, positiveness and intellect.
  • Bridal Hand Bouquet (Soap Flower): This bouquet features the beautiful soap flowers, and dried flowers. This is a good to hold gift for the bride.

In addition, your florist in kl provides delivery in kl for other bouquets such as Red Rose bouquets of various sizes, or bouquets of other flowers which may be used as Bridal Bouquets.

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