A business opening often creates new avenues, such as marketing, purchasing or new business opportunities. Moreover, if it is of someone that you know, it is a time to celebrate the joy and achievement with the business owner. In doing so, you establish the necessary goodwill and set a positive relationship with him or her. A business gift would be an ideal gesture to establish a relationship with the owner. A gift could be trivials such as coffee mugs, novelty signs, other silly trinkets. However, rather than establishing relationship, these gifts, if not liked by the recipients could lead to risking the relationship. Gifts should also be given considering the occasion. For example, a plaque or paper weight with some engravings such as ‘Congratulations’ marking the opening day could be a great idea. However, these gifts require your additional involvement and effort to search for the right idea and order for the services of a service provider.  Flowers are great and an easy way to convey that you care. Your friendly florist in kl, iiflorist.com offers a number of suggestions for a grand opening of a business with an option of delivery in kl. We offer different types of Grand Opening flower stands, flower vases or boxes and flower baskets to celebrate a new business opening:

Flower arrangement

  1. (Tulip) – This is a splendid artificial arrangement of Orchid, Bobby, Tulip, Roses, dried moss on a ceramic vase, and can be preserved for a long time.
  2. (Hydrangea) – A good looking set of artificial flowers – Hydrangea, Bobby, dried moss on a ceramic vase is a perfect gift for a grand opening
  3. (Sunflower) – The collection of bright artificial sunflowers and dried moss with a ceramic vase is a lovely assortment for the occasion.
  4. (04) – It is a cute looking flower arrangement of 2 Gerbera, Anthurium, Eustoma and fillers inside a mini ceramic vase with a transparent bobo balloon.

Flower Baskets – Your florist in kl has beautiful suggestions of flower baskets:

  1. (01) – A cute looking White Baby Breath and yellow and fresh sunflowers look lovely to the eyes
  2. (02) – This charming basket with 8 red radiant roses is a perfect way of showing your love on a Grand Opening.
  3. (05) – This is a beautiful assortment of 9 lovely roses for the connoisseur.
  4. (06) – A Korean style blend of Blue Hydrangea with filler to impart the exotic feeling for the new owner.

Flower Boxes – Different types of lovely flower boxes are available from your florist in kl:

  1. (02) – An assortment of white Eustomas, Purple Orchids and fillers
  2. (03) – 4 Red Gerberas, 8 Red Roses and fillers in a dark Big Hat Flower Box
  3. (13) – A beautiful oval shape flower box with Hydrangea, Lily and fillers
  4. (14) – A cute box of Gerbera, Roses and fillers
  5. (04) – A Medium container with 3 Preserve Roses, 2 Cotton Flowers and Filler
  6. (18) – A Medium box of 2 Preserve Roses, 2 Cotton Flowers and Filler with LED light
  7. (06) – An attractive Black medium hat flower box with Hydrangea, Eustoma, Gerbera Gemini and fillers.
  8. (09) – Fresh White Peacock, Wax flowers with fillers in a kraft paper box.

Grand Opening Stands: Flower stands are the perfect gifts for grand opening celebrations and here are some suggestions for you:

  1. (25) – Featuring Artificial Gerbera, Hydrangea, Tulip and filler, this stand of long-lasting artificial Gerbera and other flowers stand out for their vibrant colours and beauty.
  2. (01) – A vibrant and extravagant stand of 15 Gerberas of different colours with fillers.
  3. (02) – A 10 exotic Gerbera stand with fillers
  4. (03) – An extravaganza of 5 balloons, 22 gorgeous Gerbera and 2 Ginger with fillers.
  5. (04) – A Korean delight featuring Yellowish balloon and 5 bright Sunflowers
  6. (05) – An elegant stand of 3 Birds of Paradise, 10 Gerbera and Sweet William flowers with filler.
  7. (06) – A lovely pink stand with 3 Ginger, 4 Eustoma, 10 Gerbera and filler.
  8. (07) – A cheerful assortment of 5 Sunflowers, 7 Gerberas with filler.
  9. (08) – A stunning offering of Orchids, Gerbera, Lillies, Roses with filler
  10. (09) – A gorgeous stand of Purple Ornament Kale, 15 Gerberas and balloons
  11. (10) – A majestic Purple Ornamental Kale, Orchid, Birds of Paradise with filler.
  12. (11) – A ravishing stand – 15 Gerberas, 5 Sunflowers and Butterfly Anthuriums with filler.
  13. (12) – Premium assortment of 10 Gerberas, 5 Sunflowers, 5 Orchids, 3 Bird of Paradise flowers with filler.

Also, have a look at other grand opening stands, such as (14), (15), (16), (17), (18), (19), (20), (21), (22), (23) and (24), and your order can be delivered free within Klang Valley.


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