It is common to express sympathy to friends, relatives, clients and others in the event of death and a gift during a visit, funeral or burial is an ideal way to show that you care and your mourning during the occasion. It is not easy to understand the different customs and traditions that each culture and religion may have. Depending on different traditions, gifts may range from fruits, dried fruits, baked food and desserts, nuts and assorted chocolates. However, in general, a beautiful floral arrangement with specific colours could be an appropriate way to show you care and empathize with the family concerned, and seek peace for the departed soul.

Your florist in kl has a few great suggestions of condolence stands on the occasion of funeral:

  1. Condolence Stand (01) – This is a white long stand of Carnations, Gerberas and Orchids with filler.
  2. Condolence Stand (02) – This stand is designed to show reverence for the departed soul and has a mix of sombre colours – Orchids, White Roses, Anthuriums with fillers.
  3. Condolence Stand (03) – This stand of 8 orchids, 12 White Mum flowers, 10 Gerberas along with fillers is expressive of concern and support for the family of the departed soul, and wishes that the departed soul rest in peace.
  4. Condolence Stand (04) – This majestic white stand of 18 white Ping Pong, 10 Eustoma and 8 Gerbera flowers, all in white with fillers expresses the deep concern that you have for the departed soul and the remaining members of the family.
  5. Condolence Stand (05) – An elegant two-tier design for the condolence stand with a smattering of flowers of different colours of white and yellow shares not only your compassion for the departed soul and the family, but your urge for the family members to enkindle their lives with a new beginning, as life goes on.
  6. Condolence Stand (06) –This beautiful assortment of 14 Yellow Belgian Mums and 12 White Mums with filler reminds of the transient nature of life and suggests family members to carry out their activities with the gusto and energy irrespective of the loss that has come about.
  7. Condolence Stand (07) – This stand represents hope amidst the pangs of death. The 15 yellow Belgian Mums, 5 Anthuriums and 11 White Mums with filler share that feeling.
  8. Condolence Stand (08) – A great mix of white and yellow, the condolence stand offers condolences for the departed soul and prays for support of the family. The stand consists of a brilliant mix of 9 Gerberas, 3 exotic Lillies, 14 Belgian Mums with fillers.
  9. Condolence Stand (09) – This tall stand is white in colour with white flowers – 10 Gerberas, 12 Ping Pongs, 15 Eustoma flowers 6 White Mums with fillers.
  10. Condolence Stand (10) – This two-tier stand of White Hydrangea, Gerbera, Ping Pong Flowers and Orchids with fillers is elegant and could represent the two states of the soul – in life and death. The graceful stand is for premium customers who would like to show their respect with this valuable offering.
  11. Condolence Stand (11) – Rich with 20 White Ping Pong Flowers, 10 White Mums, Eustoma flowers with fillers, this premium condolence stand is expressive of sympathy, especially after death of a relative or a close friend.
  12. Condolence Stand (12) – This stand consists of an unusual blend of colours for the occasion – 1 Ornamental Kale at the center, 11 White Ping Pongs, White Mums, 11 Yellow Football Mums with fillers. The stand of colours indicate that life should go on despite the pain of death, and is a definite buy if you want to gift something distinct.
  13. Condolence Stand (13) – This stand consisting of 10 Gerbera, White Daisy Mammoth Mums and fillers stand out and is a great gift to show your condolences.
  14. Condolence Stand (14) – The stand has elegant Tuberose, White Mums and 10 Yellow Gerberas with fillers.

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