Graduation season heralds a new and exciting phase of life and leads to transition from college to work life, entering a career bringing forth new set of opportunities. It also brings in more responsibilities and a new set of challenges. The Graduation Ceremony is therefore significant for many who pursue these new opportunities. Your online florist in kl has exciting suggestions of bouquets to be presented to first time graduates. The flower delivery in kl can be done anywhere within Malaysia and free within the Klang Valley.

A few interesting suggestions on this occasion are listed below:

Korean Style Bouquet / Starry Night: The fresh Baby Breath flowers in a stylish bouquet show your everlasting love  for the new graduate.

Eustoma and Rose Bouquet: A comely collection of 5 stalk yellow roses, 4 white stalk roses, pink Eustomas with fillers in a fresh green bouquet is very pleasing to the eye.

Everlasting Bloom Dried Flower Bouquet (07): A Graduation Ping Pong Soap Flower immersed within spray coloured Baby Breath flowers is packed in a lovely bouquet for this occasion.

Ferrero Rocher and Gerbera Bouquet: This is a great way to congratulate on Graduation – a beautiful bouquet of 3 fresh Gerbera, 3 Ferrero Rocher flowers with 1 bobo balloon and fillers.

Ferrero Rocher and Hydrangea Bouquet: A lovely bouquet consisting of Hydrangea, 3 Ferro Rocher, 1 bobo balloon with fillers is an ideal way to pass the congratulatory message.

Gerbera and Teddy Bear Bouquet: A bouquet of 5 red Gerbera, a graduation bear plush toy and 5 yellow Gerbera is a great gift on this occasion.

Gerbera Bouquet (3 Gerberas): A lively bouquet of Gerberas mixed with 3 Light pink roses, Pink Spray Rose, Pink Eustomas, and Pink Spray Carnation look grand as a gift.

Gerbera Bouquet (5 Gerberas): 5 white Gerberas, Baby Breath, Matricaria and Eucalyptus leaf blend together to wish a great future ahead.

Gerbera Gemini Bouquet: A peach coloured bouquet of Gerbera Gemini, Spray Carnations, Roses, Aluminium foil with balloon is a graceful gift during this occasion.

Huskey KeyChain and Hydrangea Bouquet: A nice looking bouquet of Hydrangea and a cute husky plush toy key chain with fillers looks exotic as a gift.

Hydrangea and Ping Pong Bouquet (pastel): A bouquet of vivacious pastel coloured Hydrangea and cute Unicorn Ping Pong is catchy.

Hydrangea Bouquet (Blue): The Aquamarine colour of Hydrangea, Cotton Flower, Pink Eustomas, Balloon, Aluminium Foil with filler evokes a deep sense of sophistication as a Graduation gift.

Hydrangea and Balloon Bouquet (blue): The baby blue Hydrangea comes along with a Graduation message on a Bobo balloon.

Hydrangea Bouquet: This bouquet consists of 1 stalk of Hydrangea and wishes a happy future for the new Graduate.

KitKat and Rose Bouquet: The bouquet of 6 grand roses, packed with KitKat chocolates and fillers is a good way of congratulating the graduating student.

Lily and Doraemon Bouquet: A graduation Doraemon plush toy amongst Lily Bouquet and fillers conveys the message of congratulations.

Lily and Gerbera Bouquet: A unique combo of 2 white stalk lilies and 2 Gerbera with fillers is a magnificent way to show that you care.

Lily Bouquet (12 Lilies): 12 stalks of light pink Oriental Lilies, cotton flowers and fillers are attractive and pleasant as a gift during Graduation.

Lily Bouquet ( 6 Lilies): A Lily Bouquet of 6 charismatic Oriental Lilies and fillers is an attractive offering for the Graduate.

Peony Bouquet (9 Peonies): The bouquet consists of 9 amazing peonies along with fillers and is an attractive proposition for the young Graduate.

Ping Pong Bouquet: This uniquely designed bouquet of 6 Ping Pongs with filler looks different and charming.

Rose and Teddy Bear Bouquet: The bouquet has 9 pink Roses mixed with Eustoma and graduation bear plush toy is appropriate gift for a fresh graduate.

Rose Bouquet (12 roses): The 12 champagne rose stalks elegantly packed in violet and green fillers is pleasantly attractive and a great proposition for a new graduate.

Other suggestions for Graduation are bouquets of Sunflower plus Graduation Teddy Bear, Sunflower plus Rose Bouquets, Sunflower Bouquets, Sunflower, Eustoma and Rose Bouquets; Ping Pong and Rose Bouquets; and Sunflower, Ping Pong and Rose Bouquets.

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