A new born baby ushers in a new sense of happiness and joy for the family. While this is a joyous moment for the parents, bringing the baby from the hospital and taking care of the mother and the baby during the postpartum days could be initially both exhausting and overbearing for the parents. Therefore, gifts which ease these days such as those which the baby needs would be appropriate. Flowers would be great, but it needs to be understood that bouquets may be too overwhelming for the parents at this time. Therefore, following are some of the suggestions from your online florist in kl. The flower delivery in kl is available across Malaysia and is free within the Klang Valley.

Flower and Fruit Basket (04): Offer not only flowers, but also fruits for the new parents – 3 beautiful colourful Gerberas adorn the basket with 2 Ping Pong flowers and fruits.

Flower and Fruit Basket (07): This offering consists of 5 tone Pink Gerberas and fruits and the colour and hue of this present makes it a premium offering.

Fruit and Flower Basket (08): This can be easily differentiated – a beautiful and catchy basket of yellow and purple Orchid along with fruits adds a different.

 Flower and Fruit Basket (09): The basket consists of Red Gerbera, Purple Orchid, Lily and fruits with filler. It is available at a premium price.

Flower Basket (03): A ravishing rectangular basket with Hydrangea , Calla Lily 2 stalks, Ping Pong flowers of 3 stalks, Lace Flower and Berry.

Flower Basket (05): Red roses are always a favourite for any gifts and this flower basket ia available of 9 Red Roses.

Flower Basket (06): This basket consists of Korean style Flower Basket with Blue Hydrangea and filler – looks very beautiful for a gift for New Born.

Flower Basket (10): This mini basket consisting of Hydrangea and filler is a cute suggestion for a new baby, and is definitely a value for money because of its low price.

Flower Basket (11): A beautiful heart shaped basket that consists of 3 Preserve Roses, 2 Ping Pong flowers, and other native fillers is a definitive gift for the new born occasion.

Flower Box (01):  This is a cute and ravishing gift – a black flower box having 6 stalks of red roses, Eucalyptus leaf.

Flower Box (17): A pretty white flower box with an assortment of Rainbow coloured Baby Breath, Matricaria Chamomilla looks good to be offered during this occasion.

Flower Box (03): The 4 Red Gerberas along with 8 red roses and fillers look splendid in a dark black big hat box and can be gifted on this occasion.

Flower Box (13): This oval shaped flower box of lily, Hydrangea and fillers look great and can be gifted to a new born girl child.

Flower Box (14): This is a lovely gift and the baby child would love the Unicorn bobo balloon that comes along with a preserve rose, 1 cotton flower, dried and preserve filler – definitely something that the baby would like to play with.

Flower Box (15): This cute little flower box adorned with a Husky Plush Toy along with dried flower, Native plant and filler would be definitely of love for the playful baby.

Flower Box (16): Covered by a Glass dome, the mini rainbow Baby Breath basket is well protected from the truants of the baby child.

Flower Box (04): 3 Preserve Roses, 2 Cotton Flowers and filler adorn this Medium Flower Box.

Flower Box (22): A Minnie Tsum Tsum plush Toy adorns the flower box along with 7 stalk roses soap flowers.

Flower Box (07): 1 Pink, 1 Lilac, 1 Blue Preserve Roses along with fillers are placed within this lovely box and would be loved by a new born baby girl.

Flower Box (09): A printed Unicorn on a kraft paper box with White peacock flowers, Wax and fillers is an attractive gift for the new born.

Flower Box (10): A kraft paper box printed with Winnie the Pooh, containing fresh Baby Breath, Mini Bobo balloon and 9 Ferrero Rocher  is an  attractive proposition for the new born, the very sight of which would keep the new born busy and  happy.

Flower Box (12): A lovely little cylinder box with Baby Breath and Mini Bobo Balloon is enchanting.

Flower Box (24): A cute small cylinder box having Preserve Rose and Mini Bobo Balloon can be customized to print best wishes for the new born.

There are other flower boxes available at iiflorist.com, which you may choose to gift to a new born baby.

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